Purley Sports and Social Club

Club Rules


The Club shall be called “The Purley (berks) Sports and Social Club” and is situated at Purley Recreation Ground.


To encourage, develop and co-ordinate athletic, recreational and cultural activities in the Parish of Purley-on-Thames, Berks. In support of the Management Committee of the Recreation Ground for the provision, maintenance and improvement of facilities of those activities within the Recreation Ground.


Ordinary and associate membership shall be open to persons over 18 years of age. Applications for either membership shall be in writing to the General Committee or a sub committee authorised for the purpose, who may or may not accept any candidate as the Committee sees fit, The applicant’s name and address must be posted for not less than two clear days before election. No reason shall be given for refusal of membership. The committee will consider, at its direction, applications made in writing, giving brief details, from members for provision of associate membership for visiting friends and relatives. In these circumstances, a nominal subscription will be set by the Committee. On the recommendation of the Committee ordinary members may in special circumstances be elected honorary members at any General Meeting of the club. Honorary members may be elected for Life or such periods as the General Meeting may deem expedient. They shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership without paying the annual subscription. A two-thirds majority of those present shall be necessary to ensure election.


Annual Subscriptions, at a rate to be set each year by the General Committee, are Payable from the first day of April annually and if unpaid within 30 days Membership may, at the discretion of the Committee be suspended. New members joining after the 1st September may, at the discretion of the Committee pay pro-rata.


A member is entitled to introduce a maximum of two visitors to the club on any one occasion providing the said visitor(s) have not been suspended, expelled or refused membership. The member shall enter the name and address of the visitor(s) in the visitors book, his own name and the date. The member is responsible for the conduct of the visitor(s) who are not permitted to make any purchase on the Clubs premises. The number of occasions he(they) may be introduced to the club may be limited at the discretion of the committee. Any member over 18 years of age of a visiting club team or association playing an organised game match or tournament who is not a member of the Purley Sports and Social club, shall be honorary members of the club for the day of the event, providing that a nomination form setting out the names of all such persons signed by the visiting organisation’s secretary or responsible officer, is received by an officer of the club at least two days before the event. The nomination form shall be exhibited on the club premises on the day of the event. Subject to the same conditions and at the discretion of the committee, honorary membership may be extended to persons accompanying the visiting club, team or association.


  • a. The officers of the club will be in an honorary capacity and shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer, and an ex-officio President. The President shall be a well respected and leading member of the local community who shall be invited to serve by the committee subject to the approval of a general Meeting. This post may be reviewed at any time by the committee and the team of office extended or terminated with the approval of a general meeting. Other officers shall be elected by members at the Annual General Meeting.
  • b. The affairs of the club shall be managed by a GENERAL COMMITTEE consisting of the officers of the club and a minimum of seven members and a maximum of 15 members of the club to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. In addition the chairman for the time being of the recreational management committee shall be a de ju re member of the club general committee. Replacements for committee members retiring during the year shall be nominated and seconded by serving committee members and be elected at general committee meeting. The general committee shall have the power to co-opt further members in an ex-officio capacity for specific purposes. A Quorum shall be six inclusive of two officers. The general Committee shall meet once in each quarter of the year.
  • c. At least three and no more than four Managing Trustees of the club may be appointed, and removed by the general committee to deal with the assets of the club in accordance with resolutions passed by the general Committee.
  • d. The general Committee will elect three of their members, who together with the club Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary will form a Finance Committee for the management of all financial affairs of the club. A Quorum shall be four inclusive of two officers. The finance committee will meet at least once every two months.
  • e. The General committee may appoint from time to time any other sub­committee that it deems to be necessary.


A General Meeting, subject to two weeks’ notice shall be held in June. Reports will be presented by the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Treasurer will present audited accounts and a balance sheet. The officers and General committee, as defined in Rule 6 will be elected annually at this meeting and the meeting will appoint a professional auditor. A Quorum shall be 30 members.


A Special general meeting may be called upon two weeks notice by the general committee or convened upon a written demand by not less than 15 members or one-fifth of the total membership whichever shall be less, also upon two weeks
notice. The notice shall specify the business to be transacted and to which the meeting will be limited. A Quorum shall be 30 members.


The secretary shall keep a register, which shall be kept on the club premises, of the names and addresses of all members. All meetings shall be minted by the Secretary or an appointed deputy. The secretary will attend to all correspondence, notices and club business as is deemed necessary.


The club shall open and maintain such banking accounts as are necessary under the control of the Finance Committee. Cheques must be signed by any two officers of the Club. The financial year will run to 31st March of each year, to which date the Treasurer will submit accounts to the auditors fro presentation at the ensuing Annual General Meeting. If any time the club in General meeting shall pass a resolution authorising the General committee to borrow money, then the general Committee shall thereupon be empowered to borrow for the purposes of the club such money as specified in the resolution upon such conditions as the General Committee shall in absolute discretion determine.


The hours are to be fixed by the General Committee to conform with the Rules of
the local Licensing Authority or for any lesser periods that the Committee decides. The permitted hours for the supply of excisable liquor are as shown in Appendix 1. The permitted hours may be varied for special functions with the permission of the Local Authority


Not withstanding anything herein before stated Intoxicating liquor may be supplied during the hours referred to in Rule 11 to members and non-members attending the pavilion, which shall include the terrace, when any of the functions listed below are authorised by the general Committee
a) Functions directly run by the club b) Functions run by an individual member so long as that member is present and takes part in the function. c) Such other functions as the Committee may authorise but not exceeding 12 in any one licensing year.


It shall be the responsibility of the general Committee to ensure compliance with the Licensing Acts and to conduct affairs so that neither the club nor any member causes a nuisance. The General Committee may expel any member who offends against the club Rules or whose conduct, in the opinion of the Committee renders him unfit for continued membership. Infringement of the Recreational Ground By-Laws may similarly forfeit membership


Interpretation of the meaning of these Rules or any Rule made thereunder shall be
determined by the Committee whose decision will be final and binding.


Amendment, deletions or additions may only be made by a resolution carried by a Majority at a General Meeting or special General Meeting subject to the General Meeting receiving 14 days notice in writing of the proposed alteration, before calling The General Meeting.


In the event of membership falling below 35 or of the failure of the club, a meeting will be called by the Chairman or his Deputy, attended by a minimum of two-thirds of the remaining members, to wind up the affairs of the Club in such a manner as they, in their absolute discretion decide. However, in the event of dissolution the club’s premises will become the property of the parish of Purley-on-Thames under the administration of the Parish Council.


No intoxicating liquor will be supplied for consumption off the premises except to a club member in person.


No intoxicating liquor will be supplied to, or for the consumption of, any person under the age of 18 years.

These Rules are currently under review and subject to change. New rules will be displayed with any changes after the AGM. Any copy of the Rules are available at the club.